About Us
We Deliver Amazing Results
At Neu IMC we help you define and sharpen your vision and then help you bring it to life. We’re focused on creating custom solutions that develop your brand positioning and messaging in order to build, maintain and drive brand awareness. Founded in 2008, our team has the smarts and practical experience to develop a tailor-made creative plan of attack that will deliver amazing results.
In today’s world success involves building a brand that connects emotionally with the public in a way that aligns with its goals. We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice and building this presence . We leverage your unique strengths to choose the right approach for you, whether that be conventional or avant-garde, we build strategic roadmaps that deliver results.
Taking Notes
A Neu Kind Of Agency.
A boutique firm that puts emphasis on personalized experiences and results.Your success is our goal.
Bridge the gap between ambition and success.
We develop strategies and plans to get you to your desired end result. You provide the dream, we provide the solution.
Our Approach

We are not a vendor or contractor - we are a partner. Our primary goal is to get you the results on purpose with the right audience, the right message, the right platform, and the right story.


We offer a unique mix of marketing, branding, earned media, digital content, research, business development, strategy curation, and public relations.  A full service IMC agency, our focus is to increase awareness, engagement, support, and visibility of brands, businesses, and our clients.



I worked with neuIMC to create my non-profit and establish a brand as a coach and trainer.  I am now known as one of the top D-Line coaches and consultants in the southern region.  They listened to my goals and got me there.


I came to neuIMC with a vision and they ran with it. Their strategies helped me gain the attention of my target audience.


We contracted neuIMC to work with us on tourism efforts for The United Arab Emirates.  While we have always been a popular destination for travel, we wanted to increase awareness of the UAE with certain audiences.  The neuIMC team achieved everything that we desired.