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Neu Sports
neuSPORTS is the athlete marketing, branding and public relations division of Neu IMC.  Created to tailor to our professional athlete clients, neuSPORTS' primary goal is to create a solid foundation for future successes both in and out of our client's respective sport.  

Utilizing your current brand positioning, we work to develop strategies and opportunities that leverage your brand, increase awareness and work towards the attainment of your desired goals (career and personal).  We work closely with your team to ensure that all efforts are cohesive.

Services include:

  • Marketing and endorsements

  • Public, Fan & Media Relations

  • Crisis, Reputation, and Perception Management

  • Post-Career Career Mapping, Building, and Management

  • Brand Curation

  • Event Planning and Management

  • Business Development

In addition to offering services for professional athletes, we also work with post-secondary institutions on brand marketing in support of the new legislation allowing colleges and universities to pay student-athletes. 

neuIMC worked with me to create a strategy and plan that increased awareness of my endeavors off the field. It felt more than a vendor-client relationship...it was collaborative.

— Current NFL Player


Group/Team Sessions, Trainings, and Workshops

\\Building Value\\
Professional Training

We work with athletes at all stages on media training, presentation, social media usage, brand value, and more.  We operate under the ideology that a well-rounded athlete is of value to any organization he or she is a part of.  We suggest this training to collegiate programs, high school athletic programs, incoming draft classes, and professional teams.

\\Career Leveraging\\
Maximizing Your FanBase

With the average career span for a professional athlete being about 10 years and 3.5 years for an NFL player, retirement in the early thirties says you've got a long life ahead and a solid plan is essential. We work with athletes to identify passion points, brand opportunities, and craft strategies on how to leverage their current position for current and post-career success.